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Work Place EV Charging Evie Life

Commercial Charging

We are here to help UK Companies effectively implement electric vehicle (EV) charging at their workplaces.

Save up to £14,000 with a OZEV grant.

As the UK moves towards full EV adoption in 2030, around 40% of all car owners won’t be able to charge at home. Therefore, more and more employees will expect to charge during the day at work. To meet this need, we have highlighted the following problems that must be overcome:


There is a lack of understanding about how EV charging infrastructure is going to work


The UK Gov has mandated the shift to EVs by 2030 but there’s not enough advice for busy, hard-working UK companies about how to keep their businesses relevant over the coming years


The rapidly evolving EV industry can be confusing due to developing technology

For many businesses, these issues are causing uncertainty about how best to adapt to a future where employees are reliant on electric vehicles and their ability to charge conveniently.
Evie Life EV Charging Installers UK

FOR EVs IN 2021-22

With specialist knowledge as a commercial Charge Point Operator (CPO), EvieLife will help your business adapt early and be ready for 2030 and beyond.

  1. Make an enquiry to receive free advice relevant to you and your business

  2. We will come and visit your site and agree the best EV charging solution for your business. This will help you:

    • Understand how commercial workplace EV charging works

    • Understand what the opportunities are

    • Develop your EV strategy

  3. We'll give you an installation timeline and our approved contractor will complete the works

  4. We will manage your chargers throughout the year, arranging annual inspections and maintenance including keeping you up to date with changing legislation and further developments in technology

You can take full advantage of the opportunities of offering EV charging at your business in the coming years by working with a trusted, expert CPO such as EvieLife.

We will take care of all aspects of the installation, provide free set-up and training for you and your staff, and give on-going support. This means we will always be there to offer advice and ensure you’re up to date with tax or legislation changes and developments in technology.

By adopting EV charging now, your business will take advantage of the opportunities that this exciting market can offer. This includes benefitting from:
  1. Being among the first UK businesses to offer EV charging, putting you ahead of the competition

  2. Boosting green credentials and developing your brand as a forward thinking, environmentally aware and responsible UK business

  3. Giving your employees EV company cars on a cost neutral basis and thereby, attracting the best talent to your business without increasing costs

  4. Capitalise on opportunistic charging revenue from customers and visitors

We play our part by providing expert commercial charging advice from our passionate team. We make the whole process hassle free so you can continue to focus on the rest of your business. This includes staying on top of an ever-changing industry and keeping you up to date, arranging annual maintenance and getting your chargers back up and running if they ever go offline.

Evie Life EV Charging Installers UK

Our Promise

Dont forget for every EV charger installation we make, Evielife will plant a tree with the help of TreeSisters.

Evie Life EV Charging Installers UK

There are currently very few workplaces that offer EV charging.

  1. The number of workplaces with EV charging will grow in the next 8 years but most companies will begin considering EV charging after 2030. By this time, EV ownership will have risen dramatically, and they will be left with no choice but to adapt. Unfortunately, they will miss out on years of potential revenue and, depending on when they make the switch, it will determine how far behind the rest of the market they are.

  2. ​We’re passionate about helping UK businesses take advantage of this new market and new technology. With our expertise we will help guide you from being uncertain, with little understanding of the benefits of EVs and EV charging, to a modern well-prepared, green focused UK business ready to take advantage in the years to come and well on into the 2030s.

Grants for Chargers

Business grants of up to £350 are available for each EV charger installation you complete, making this is the perfect time to get your infrastructure in place to meet future demand at your workplace. If you are planning to install a shared charger or you require a plan for a fleet of electric vehicles, we will come up with the perfect charging solution for your business.

Grants for Electric Vehicles

The government’s plug-in vehicle grant is designed to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK. From 18 March 2021 the government will provide grants of up to £1,500 towards the cost of an eligible plug-in vehicle where it costs less than £32,000.


The plug-in vehicle grant applies at the time of purchase and is usually given as a discount off the purchase price of a vehicle. The vehicle must have an electric range of at least 70 miles. If plug-in hybrid, the vehicle must also have combined CO2 emissions of 50g/km or less. This means all major full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) qualify, but few PHEVs are eligible.


Grant for small vans is £2,500 (less than 2,500 kg gross vehicle weight) and for large vans £5,000 (between 2,500 kg and 3,500 kg gross vehicle weight).

Get a business grant...

Busines grant

Benefits to your business: 

  • With 80% of EV charging taking place at home or work, offering EV workplace charging service to your employees will be a major advantage in your future recruitment.

  • Your employees will need somewhere to charge their cars.

  • Establish your business as an innovative green leader while achieving sustainability goals.

  • Create a great outward-looking workplace.

  • If you own your own vehicles, changing to electric vehicles will save the business money with lower fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

  • By adding just a few pence per kWh for workplace charging you can help your employees avoid benefit-in-kind tax on charging and it could pay for the total install costs over the lifetime of the units

Benefits to your business

Tax Advantages / Employer savings:

Tax Advantages
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