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Further Education (FE)

Developing a world class charging infrastructure through fully installed and serviced charging points at no cost to FE sites across the UK

The benefits EvieLife bring to your venue are substantial:

No upfront fee. The installation of our chargers are fully funded by EvieLife.

Generate additional income from your parking spaces.


Improve your green credentials and sustainability agenda.

...not to mention our experience, expertise and ongoing support.

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'We chose EvieLife as our long-term EV charging point partner due to their professional approach and expertise in their sector’.

Graham Pollard

Chief Operating Officer, RAU

As the UK moves towards full EV adoption between 2030 and 2035, more and more students, visitors and staff, will expect to charge at FE locations. 


However, our research has highlighted the following problems:


There is a lack of understanding about how EV charging infrastructure is going to work.


The UK Government has mandated the shift to EVs by 2035 but there’s not enough advice for UK venues on how to implement an effective EV charging strategy.


The rapidly evolving EV industry can be confusing due to developing technologies.

For many FE sites, these issues are causing uncertainty about how best to adapt to a future where drivers will be reliant on convenient and well managed EV charging.


As a specialist FE provider EvieLife will help you navigate the change.

Evie Life Hospitality EV Charging



You can take full advantage of electric vehicle charging over the coming years by working with a trusted, expert CPO such as EvieLife.

We can cover up to 100% of the costs of the installation, provide free set-up and training for you and your staff, and provide on-going support. This means we will always be there to offer advice and ensure you are up to date with tax or legislation changes and developments in technology.

Speak to one of our team today to find out more about the options available.

The FE sector must react to increasing demand:


  • Students may not have access to charging facilities at home

  • Staff are beginning to expect on-site EV facilities

  • Meet critical DofE net zero targets



  • College receives percentage of profits after a set period

  • Ensures perfect mix of no cash outlay, provision of a required service and funds back into the college



  • No cost to college for any installation and management fees

  • Recommend 22kW fast charging units to be within site power capacity threshold



  • Perfect solution for an ever-growing number of EV's on the road

  • Vital service for students, staff and visitors

  • Can attract additional visitors on site

  • AC charging is better for long-term battery health and longevity

Very few FE venues currently offer EV charging - stand out from the crowd.


The number of places with EV charging will grow in the next 10 years but most FE sites will only begin considering EV charging after 2030. By this time, EV ownership will have risen dramatically, and they will be left with no choice but to adapt. Unfortunately, they will miss years of potential revenue and, depending on when they make the switch, it will determine how far behind the rest of the market they are.


We are passionate about helping UK FE sites take advantage of this new market and innovative technology and with our expertise we will help guide you from being uncertain, with little understanding of the benefits of Electric vehicle charging to a modern well-prepared, green focused FE sites ready to take advantage in the years to come and well on into the 2030s.

Further Education Brochure Download

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