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Electric Vehicle Charging for Hotels

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


As a hotel owner, you know that in order to stay competitive and attract more guests, you need to offer things that improve the overall experience for your customers. The good news is that installing electric vehicle chargers can be an easy way to do just that!

Why should hotels install EV charging?

The key reason to install EV charging, is that it is a vital service for your guests. If your listings currently don't offer EV charging, then you are missing out on an important opportunity to attract new customers and increase the spend of existing guests.

Additionally, businesses with a strong green credentials are increasingly seen as desirable employers by employees and customers alike. This means that businesses who install EV charging will be able to attract new talent and even drive existing staff members away from competitors who do not offer this service.

The installation costs for chargers can range from £5000 up to £25k depending on the size of the hotel and its current energy consumption rates. There are various grants available which can make it easier for hospitality businesses like yours to afford installing electric vehicle chargers in their car parks. EvieLife are a specialist Charge Point Operator (CPO) here to help hospitality businesses solve these issues and we can offer fully funded options and discuss profit share opportunities with you.

What do I need to know about EV hotel charging?

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care?”

High powered EV charging sites are starting to appear in major urban areas as EV ownership takes off in the UK. However, as EV drivers, we have identified the acute lack of charging in UK holiday destinations.

As the UK moves towards full EV adoption in 2030, more and more customers will expect to charge at hotels, Airbnb's and guest houses - wherever they are staying overnight. But for many hotel businesses, this rapidly developing market is causing uncertainty about how best to adapt to a future where customers are reliant on electric vehicles and their ability to charge conveniently.

So, by adopting EV charging now, your hotel business will take advantage of the opportunities that this exciting market can offer.

To stay ahead of your competition and attract more guests, talk to us today.

  • To learn more about EV charging for your hotel, get in touch with us today.

  • We are a professional, trusted Charge Point Operator (CPO) and can help you with all of your EV charging requirements.

  • We can also help you secure government grants for installing both electric vehicle chargers and renewing your existing business fleet with fully electric vehicles.

  • Our installation partners and charger manufactures have been installing, maintaining and managing electric vehicle charging stations for years, so we’re well-versed in the latest technologies and trends in this field.

How much does it cost to own an EV and what are the benefits?

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars. According to the British Government, it costs around £0.34 per mile to run an electric car (based on a cost of electricity at 25p/kWh), whereas it costs £1.25 per mile for a petrol or diesel car (based on an average of 40mpg).

The cost-saving nature of EVs means that they can be purchased outright more cheaply than internal combustion engines (ICEs). In fact, if you compare the total costs over five years and 100,000 miles of ownership between the two types of vehicle - including purchase price, fuel costs and maintenance - then EVs come out on top by about £15,000 according to Go Ultra Low’s figures from January 2019.

How do I install EV charging in my hotel?

EV chargers can be installed in a day, providing there are no major groundworks involved. It's not a problem if groundworks are required, however, as our trusted contractors can work around the needs of your hotel and we can arrange installation midweek and during quieter periods.


We hope this article has given you a better idea of how to incorporate EV charging into your hotel. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing a top-notch experience for guests. In addition to being an environmentally-friendly choice, electric vehicles are also fun and convenient. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and attract more guests today, talk with us about installing EV charging at your hotel!

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